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cerita rakyat Tana Toraja [versi bahasa inggris]

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS [baine ballo]
in the village there is a beautiful girl. He looks smart and very pretty face and beautiful body physique. Therefore many young people who are interested to make her his wife. are some of those who approached him, but no one willing heart.
people ask, as if the young man that his heart would. she replied "a handsome young man, able to tell an amazing story, that would be my husband." Then came the six young men who intended to tell stories that are considered great and
The first young man who told me: "I never go into the woods, and saw a huge tree. around the tree day and night I was before I got back to where I started." The second boy then said: "never a time I saw a wicker extraordinary length, edges are not visible because he gets to heaven." and third you
ng man  said: "I ​​never saw a big house and a high, where many chickens roost. if we look up, the chickens were seen only by turtledove, but if they go down to the ground, his body of mother hen and rooster is great. "The fourth young man told me, he said: "I never saw a wild buffalo are not playing big, just a piece of fur Nibung tree." the fifth young man also spoke, saying, "I never found a palm tree stretching, a truly big and tall. I need a night to run from its base to reach the top." then came the six young man, saying, "I had to walk around and find a drum that hard once described how big. beaten only once, the sound has been heard for a year."
during the sixth young man was told, amazed-five other young men marveled, and they simultaneously asked, "what was the wood used to make the drum
like that?" The sixth young man replied: "that is used is made ​​of wood that requires day and night to surround and palm trees lived a day from its base to the tip." and they further asked: "What skin is used to make the drum that?" he replied, "that is used to close the drum skin is buffalo skin coat and only one tree for Nibung." then people ask: "where the drum was hanged and what rope used to hang drum that?" the young man said: "drum that hung on" longa "big house with rattan ends up into the sky."
so amazed-they all marveled to hear his explanation. The sixth young man is finally chosen by a beautiful girl to be her husband, because it is good and smart thinking.

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